Small / Mid Cap Funding

Obsidian Financial Communications Inc. (OFC), provides acess to flexible financing structures for small-cap and micro-cap companies. Services available include bridge loans, structured equity financing, convertible debentures plus an array of corporate finance advisory services. Working with multiple institutions OFC’s financing accessibility network will create a flexible financial solution customized to your needs.  OFC does NOT accept fees or compensation for putting companies in touch with our network of funding sources.

Bridge Loans
Structured Equity Financing
Equity Backed Loans
Mezzanine Debt
Accounts Receivable Financing
Acquisition Financing
Reverse Mergers

Companies are often under-funded, undervalued and undiscovered. OFC offers intelligent financing solutions to fit your strategy and business model. Then once your company is adequetely funded OFC will put your company in front of millions of investors throgh “Multiple Investor Touchpoints.”