Digital Media Investor Relations

Digital Media Investor Relations campaigns (DM-IR) are specifically timed to maximize investor awareness already created through OFC’s traditional IR and campaign quarterbacking services.  Digital Media Investor Relations reaches new investors who in general, are more long term minded investors.  Multiple schedules, creative, copy and calls to action are strategically used throughout each day to reach investors during specifically timed market hours including pre and post market.  OFC’s specific experience in investor relations gives you a highly insightful approach to successful digital media campaigns.  You get an integrated brand perspective across multiple investor touch-points that builds equity with investors over time.

  • Optimization of company web site and custom landing page creation
  • Concept, creative, production all included with your ad spend budget
  • Media spend is scalable to meet your budget needs
  • Mobile advertising / applications available
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Proven Ad & Font sizes for greater investor attention
  • Variations in color, style, amount of text, format (dynamic vs. static)
    1. Expandable ads
    2. Interactive Ads
  • Ads optimized on the fly
  • Free analytics for ROI & audience insight:
    1. Unique users
    2. Page impressions
    3. Persistence / stickiness of ads (Duration of visits)
    4. Pulling power (Repeat visits)
    5. Passion (Intensity of visitor activity)
    6. Visitor Click-Path analysis (Indentify visitor drop-off points)
    7. Demographic & Behavioral Insight (Age, gender, interest categories)

Smart ads are the next evolution in digital media investor awareness.  Ads are personalized to each individual to optimize your company’s ads and match your marketing objectives from awareness to conversion.  Ad variations are dynamically created, then A/B split tested and optimized ad variations are automatically shown to investors, on the fly!  The results are maximized impact of every ad impression, with measurable ROI.  Clients see a Click Through Rate (CTR) Lift up to 12x and Return-On-Investment (ROI) Lift up to 20x.

  • Client 1 – 349% more post-view conversions than other personalized retargeting vendor
  • Client 2 – CTR for most successfully optimized ad outperformed non-dynamic display ad campaigns by over 200%
  • Client 3 – 2,300% return-on-ad-spend, millions of dollars in sales, directly from the campaign