Investor Relations

Obsidian Financial Communications Inc. (OFC) has helped hundreds of companies worldwide perfect their shareholder communications strategy.  Many past clients found they were executing from a business perspective, but the market multiple did not reflect their company’s success, achievements or future growth prospects.

OFC works with your company to create a customized, focused and brand unified message articulating your company’s story in a clear, concise, consistent and brand unified strategy.  Establishing an effective and targeted investor communications campaign is key to growing investor awareness.  Our team works closely with management to create an investor communication campaign, establish accurate expectations and increase corporate visibility.  You gain greater shareholder diversification and alignment between your company and its growth prospects.  This translates to a market multiple more consistent with the intrinsic value of your company.

  • Communication of management’s strategic vision
  • Highlight key investment attributes
  • Effective / unified business model and corporate brand communication
  • Increased investor visibility and higher quality shareholders
  • Current Internet presence and investor materials audit

Once your investor communication strategy is created, OFC offers you access to one of the largest followings of small-cap investors throughout North America. One of your greatest hurdles, as a small cap publicly traded company, is gaining the attention of these small-cap/micro-cap investors. For companies like yours, OFC provides maximum investor awareness through “Multiple Investor Touch-Points”.


  • E-mail Distribution
  • Investment Opinions (IO’s)
  • Copy writing
    1. Press releases
    2. Corporate overview
    3. Web site content
  • Multiple Call Room Options (Small, Medium, Large budgets)
  • Newswire distribution services
  • Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Marketing
  • Web site creation / optimization / branding (Multi-lingual)
  • Corporate profile featured on
  • Media Relations
  • Independent Research Reports
  • Direct Mail
  • Audio / Video Interviews
  • Message Board Communications
  • PowerPoint presentations

OFC studies your strategy, services, products, core business goals and objectives of your management team. We organize a strategic marketing plan based on the most compelling reasons for investing in your company. OFC then quarterbacks the top promoters, coming off the hottest deals, bringing them aboard to promote your company for discounted fees. We will present your company to market analysts, retail and institutional investors, market makers, and the network of small-cap/mid-cap investors we’ve built for over 14 years.

Campaign Quarterbacking:
OFC quarterbacks groups of top promoters for maximum investor awareness with substantially reduced fees for each promoter.

Your news will be promoted & distributed through the largest network of top performing promoters available in the world specifically selected & assembled into strategic teams to get you the most bang for your buck.

  • We bring in the best performing promoters
  • Coming off the best deals
  • We know who works
  • We know who has the best lists
  • We know who brings in the most buying
  • We know who does this the most consistently