$MMAX – Pick of the Day! Announced PayMeOn Released its Social Income Calculator

• May 22, 2012

MMAX Media, Inc. (MMAX:OB)

MMAX Media, Inc. (MMAX.OB) (MMAX.OB) today announced that PayMeOn has released its Social Income Calculator™.

How much is your social network worth?

Answer a few questions, (takes less than 2 minutes)…  Hit the
“CALCULATE” button and we’ll show you the $$$ amount you can earn.

Full Press Release on Yahoo! – Click Here

According to Ed Cespedes, CEO of MMAX and PayMeOn, “Hundreds of millions of people have spent the last several years aggregating large social networks at Facebook™, LinkedIn™, MySpace™ and other online destinations. We believe that the next several years will be largely about “monetizing” those networks. At PayMeOn we believe that consumers and businesses alike can earn a substantial amount of what we call social income™ for the vast amount of referrals and recommendations that happen every day within their social networks. Accordingly, we created the Social Income Calculator™ to give consumers and businesses an idea of the amount of social income™ they might be able to generate.”

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Mr. Cespedes continued, “Business people routinely identify their “networks” as their most valuable assets. We believe that the substantial “social” networks people have created are also valuable.  Beyond the intrinsic value of these networks, they are valuable to researchers and advertisers, and most importantly, they are valuable for their social income™ producing potential.”

How much cash are your social networks worth?  Click here to find out: http://paymeon.com/surveyn.php.

If you are already a member of PayMeOn, simply login, complete the form and find out the cash value of your network.

If you are not yet a member, click the “create new account” tab, create your account (it’s free!) and then return to the link.

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About PayMeOn

HLM PayMeOn is the principal subsidiary of MMAX Media, Inc., and is pioneering the monetization of social networks. PayMeOn has trademarked the term “social income” and believes that the sharing of local deals is the beginning of a greater trend towards people earning cash from their vast connections to friends and colleagues across their various social networks. PayMeOn is led by Edward A. Cespedes, CEO. Mr. Cespedes is also the President of theglobe.com and the Vice Chairman of Tralliance Registry Management Company, LLC (the registry manager for the “.travel” top level domain). Learn more about the PayMeOn Merchant Profit Center at: www.paymeonmerchants.com. Learn more about the consumer side of PayMeOn at: www.paymeondeals.com or www.paymeon.com.

We send you great deals every day. If you like them, buy them. But even if you don’t buy them yourself, share them with your friends and GET PAID real money every time they buy!

Let’s face it, you’re sharing these deals anyway… you might as well get paid!

It’s so simple! Just share the deal and forget about it.  When someone you shared the deal with buys, you get notified that you’ve been paid.  And it’s real money too!  We don’t force you to “apply” your earnings to other deals, we actually PAY you.  We’ll credit your PayPal account or we’ll send you a check… whatever you want.

We call these payments “social income”.  You earn income from your job and now you’ll make “social income” too.

Don’t just sit there on the couch watching TV… share some deals and watch your earnings pile up!

How you earn money at PayMeOn
At PayMeOn you can earn “anchor payouts”, “referral payouts”, or BOTH!

Anchor payouts
Using the PayMeOn “invite friends” tab, you can invite as many friends, family and associates as you like to join PayMeOn.  Once someone you invite joins PayMeOn from your invitation link, they are permanently “anchored” to you.  From then on, anytime they purchase any PayMeOn deal, you earn a percentage of the payout assigned to the deal.

Referral payouts
Every PayMeOn deal has a “payout” amount.  You earn the payout amount every time someone you refer a deal buys that deal from the link you send them (your referral link is automatically generated when you share a deal).

Anchor payouts + referral payouts
If you refer a deal to someone that is anchored to you and they purchase from your referral link, you earn the anchor and referral payouts!

Your earnings are paid to you via PayPal or Check.  Make sure and visit the “Payments” tab and tell us how you wish to be paid.

Thanks again for joining PayMeOn… now start sharing and make some money!



Hyper Local is the platform powering Pay Me On.  Hyper Local allows merchants to create text based promotions using keyword short codes.  These text ads are able to be sent & shared by anyone.  Then Pay Me On allows anyone with a Pay Me On account to receive a commission for sharing the text ad with family, friends or co-workers.  The Pay Me On user accounts track everything from earnings to payments to purchases.


About MMAX Media, Inc. (MMAX:OB):

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name: MMAX Media, Inc.
Ticker symbol:  MMAX
Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
CEO: Edward A. Cespedes
PayMeOn: PayMeOn is 100% owned by MMAX Media, Inc.


Contact Info

511 N.E. 3rd Avenue
1st Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Website: http://www.hyperloc.com
Phone: 800-991-4534
Email: support@hyperloc.com


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